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My DVD freezes up when I use disc 2 even though my computer meets the minimum requirements. Help!
This is most likely the WindowsXP issue. Either the users need to get the patch from Microsoft or download the newer InterActual Player. Both of these are referenced in the FAQ on the InterActual support site.

How do I use more than one username when viewing the DVD?
Go to the Harry Potter Site and reset your username.

For example, in the upper left corner of the Harry Potter site, Chris might find the following text: "Welcome Chris" and "If you are not Chris, please click here."

Click on the second statement and log in to change the username. The change will be reflected on the DVD-ROM the next time it is used.

I am having random problems with the DVD-ROM features. Help!
A newer version of InterActual Player is available at The latest version does address several known issues.

Other than that, InterActual does not have any open issues. Users should go to InterActual Tech support for additional assistance and should list any specific problems.

On disk two, the great hall, on the teacher's table there is an item that has four small figures. What is it and is something supposed to happen when you click on it?
The figures are simple decorations. Clicking on them will have no effect.

When members go to transfiguration class, all they can do is view Profs. McGonnagal and Dumbledore. Is there an additional transfiguration feature?
The feature is working properly. There are no additional transfigurations activities.

My DVD is freezing in Olivander's Wand Shop and I need to unplug and restart my DVD player.
If from a DVD-ROM player, then this may be solved by the Windows XP patch. Visit for more information.

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