Chicago Bulls 1990's
Discipline, dedication and desire were the hallmarks of the Chicago Bulls of the 1990s, a team that captured six NBA titles between 1991 and 1998. Relive one of the most exciting eras in professional basketball with one of the greatest player teams to ever achieve "Dynasty" status. And for the first time ever on DVD, see the greatest NBA Finals games in Bulls' championship history as originally broadcast. Enjoy hours of spectacular highlights from each of those Championship seasons on 4 action-packed discs. NBA Dynasty Series: Chicago Bulls 1990s, a must-have for all Chicago Bulls fans, is loaded with special features including:
  • 1991 NBA Finals Game 5
    Bulls clinch their first title

  • 1992 NBA Finals Game 1
    Jordan scores 36 first half points

  • 1993 NBA Finals Game 6
    Bulls win their third title in a row

  • 1996 NBA Finals Game 6
    Bulls begin their run for three straight titles

  • 1997 NBA Finals Game 5
    An ailing Jordan puts on a great performance

  • 1998 NBA Finals Game 6
    Bulls win their sixth NBA title at the buzzer


1991 Bulls vs Pistons
1991 Finals 3rd Qtr