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High definition discs fulfill the promise of high definition by delivering content with incredible resolution, vibrant colors and brilliant clarity.
Movies re-mastered in high definition are as vivid as when they were originally made - no added grain, pixilation, moiré or other distortions. You'll experience a film just the way the filmmaker intended.

Standard Definition TVs historically provided 480 horizontal active scanning lines. This standard dates back to the 1950's when TV was in its infancy. Fair to say a lot has changed since then! Today, high definition is achieved in displays that offer 720 or 1080 active scanning lines. Both offer eye-popping realism.
Pixels are the smallest elements of the picture, the 'dots' that make up the image.
With Standard Def, those dots become more apparent as the size of the screen increases, especially on screens over 36 inches. HDTVs deliver up to six times as many pixels to give you rock solid visual clarity on much larger screens.

More pixels mean more clarity and detail, no matter what size screen you're watching. Even on smaller sets, the difference is jaw dropping. A next generation player like HD DVD or Blu-ray is the ONLY way to appreciate true high definition viewing by disc. DVD is good, but it is NOT High Definition. Standard DVD players are only programmed for 480 lines of progressive scanned video! So what are you waiting for?

Make your HDTV investment payoff and get a High Definition player and enjoy the world of everything in High Def.

Bet you won't go back!