Bonus Material

The increased capacity of high definition discs over standard definition discs means you'll be getting more captivating and informative bonus features than ever before. After watching the film in its theatrical form, you can enjoy it again and again in new and different ways. Of course, the content of every HD disc will be different, but there are more opportunities than ever for innovation. Case in point; the In-Movie Experience where the director can enter the screen on your cue and comment on the action or point out key elements of the scene while the film is playing.

Other special features you'll likely find in various combinations on future high definition discs include web links, downloadable content, audio commentary tracks, extra scenes, alternate endings, documentary segments, making of segments, interviews, trailers, music videos and more.

Overlay Menus

High definition discs offers a clear and uncomplicated menu bar navigation system that satisfies both those who just want to watch the movie and power users. It's simpler and more intuitive than menus found on standard definition discs.

Even better, high definition discs give you instant access to settings, features and menu options while a program is playing. With standard definition discs, you have to stop movie playback to access the menu. But now, on your command, menu overlays appear allowing you to freely navigate without interrupting the film. Change the set up, browse the chapter guide, select bonus content and turn features on and off, all while the film plays on. How cool is that?

On-line Capability

Web links to on-line sites are likely to show up on many future HD titles. The user would simply insert the HD disc into their computer's disc drive, open a folder to locate the links and enter another dimension of home entertainment. Links may include the movie's website, fan site, actor sites, on-line game sites, on-line shopping sites and more.