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Re-define the Experience
But having a HDTV only takes you halfway there. You have to feed it high definition content. You can wait around for broadcasters to deliver their HD shows, but do you really want to turn your schedule over to them? And let's face it, high definition discs are what the set was made for. HD discs produce images and sounds of such clarity, detail and impact that they will blow you away. In side-by-side comparisons of Standard Def and HD discs, comments like "eye-popping", "incredible clarity", "phenomenal" and "almost 3-D" are common. The difference is equivalent to the difference between regular TV vs. HD TV, with six times better picture resolution. You'll hear the same things coming from the friends you invite over for movie night.
But it's not just the picture quality that distinguishes high definition discs from its ancestors; it's also the audio. High definition discs will deliver new lossless audio and the next standard in home theater sound -- crystal clear 7.1 digital surround sound audio -- theater quality sound that is 3 times fuller than 2.0 stereo. And, the sheer capacity of an HD disc means more features, more interactivity, even on-line links that were simply not possible before.

Go ahead, switch to high definition discs. It's re-defining the movie viewing experience.